How to Get your mobile app ranking on the SERPs

Mobile apps are now an indispensable part of people’s lives. Since the advent of smartphones, more apps have become necessary for many people. Modern apps are easier to use and have fewer glitches. They’re also more exciting given the features available. For businesses using mobile apps, ranking high on SERPs is essential. When more people download the app, it increases the company’s potential profits. There should be an effort to continue boosting the mobile app ranking. The good thing is that mobile SEO companies can help. Below are some tips provided by these experts.

Define the app pack

The first step is to define the app pack. Developers have to follow the algorithms made by Google since they will apply to all future updates. When the users look for keywords containing the app title, all the apps that will appear are from the same app pack. Therefore, search engine ranking matters in being a part of this pack.

Link the mobile app whenever possible 

Add the link to the app in every potential location. It includes the loading pages, webpages, email marketing campaigns, pictures, videos, and many others. The good thing is that these links become a part of the natural flow. When users read the content, they will find the link and click on it. It’s a natural way of mentioning the link without disrupting the consumption of the content. 

Another strategy is to place the HTML banner in the best location on the homepage. It will help attract attention without interruption. The mobile SEO companies know how to use this strategy to an advantage. Working with them is an excellent idea.

Optimize the right keyword 

Like any other aspect of search engine optimization, keyword optimization is necessary. It applies to all apps just like it’s necessary for websites. It starts by creating a keyword planner. Determine the keywords to optimize based on the relevance with the app. 

An excellent strategy is to use the most powerful keywords as part of the app title. The additional keywords can be a part of the descriptions written in the Google or Apple store. In doing so, better indexing happens.

Try to optimize the click-through rate

The click-through rate is the medium that tells the app engine about the relevance of the app. In optimizing it, the product page should be appealing, and the content is easy to absorb. It should also highlight the essential features, and the paragraphs are easy to read. Another option is to improve the image quality and content. The call to action buttons should also be enticing. The point is that the users must find a reason to stay on the page and do something. Otherwise, they will look for other options.

Encourage positive reviews

Unless the app is popular, most people will probably read the reviews first before downloading it. They don’t want to take the risk of downloading an app that they don’t know. Reviews will make them feel confident about their decision. It’s even worse if the app doesn’t have any reviews. It shows that no one felt excited about using it. These reviews can also be brutally honest at times.

Therefore, there should be an effort to encourage more positive reviews. If those who downloaded the app enjoyed it, tell them to discuss their experience with others. Constantly remind them so they will feel the need to leave a review. Try to make it as easy as possible to write a review or leave a rating.

It also helps to respond to these reviews. It shows that the company is sincere in addressing the concerns. There are times when some people express their frustration when using the app. They will do it through the reviews. Respond to the concerns by improving the app. 

Strong and consistent reviews given to the app will help in boosting its rankings. It shows that the app is trustworthy, and Google can recommend it to the users.

Regularly update the app

Regular app updates are also useful in ranking higher in search engines. Top-performing apps that integrate new features are a priority in search engine ranking. There are also other search engine guidelines to follow in boosting the ranking.

The key is to give a more customized experience to existing or prospective customers. They will feel enticed to download the app or keep using it if there’s something new for them.

Another reason for the regular updates is that there might be glitches that will make the users hate the app. Regular crashes and not seeing the entire features are among them. Updates can help fix the problem to improve user experience. Remember that if the app got stuck with features people enjoyed many years ago, there’s no reason for them to keep it. Besides, there are new apps available, and they probably offer something better. Failure to match what they can give can lead to the company’s failure. Developers do their best to make an app that caters to the needs of the time. 

Use social media 

Social media will always be a good platform for marketing. Everyone is using social media, and it’s a mistake not to have a strategy that reaches out to the target audiences. Besides, people who are always using social media probably have a lot of free time in their hands. They might consider using the app if it’s beneficial for them. The only problem is that advertising on social media can be challenging, and other businesses try to capture people’s attention. There should be something unique with the app and how it gets advertised on these platforms. 

Working with mobile SEO companies

These are only some strategies to rank high in search engine results pages. The business should continue doing more to help the app maintain its ranking. Experienced mobile SEO companies understand the challenges. They have already worked with other companies with an app before. With their help, it will become easier to increase the number of downloads. It might take time, but with the right strategies, it’s possible.