All About The Oppo A5S

The Oppo A5S is available in the sub Rs 10,000 group. It has got a large 6.2-inch Super AMOLED screen with a water drop key. The screen has excellent viewing angles and good HD+ resolution but it doesn’t get very bright even when outdoors. The color accuracy is very good but the viewing area gets reduced even though the color modes are enabled.

This problem can be sorted out by enabling “auto color adjust” in the user interface. Other standard features like touch sensitivity, facial recognition, oppo a5s voice recording, burst mode, and panorama modes are present but not much useful as there are few other useful features in this gadget. It has got a nine-point multi-gesture control along with the normal support for Windows live wallpaper. You can download various wallpaper from internet to decorate your Oppo A5S.

The battery of the Oppo A5S is commendable but you will get frustrated with its weak performance and weak warranty period. It lasts till the evening but its brightness does not remain constant. This problem can be sorted out by turning off the auto color adjust function of this smartphone. The power management manager also helps in managing the battery life.

It has got a powerful multimedia player with MMS and has got a high resistance to shock. This feature lets you enjoy videos, music, photographs and games with your favorite handset even when you are on the move. It has got an immersive display with wide color support and Clearview lens. The battery life of the Oppo A5S is pathetic when compared to other smartphones in the same category.

With a six mega pixels camera with optical zoom, the image quality of the Oppo A5S is excellent. You can shoot clear pictures even in dim light. Its wide color support, good graphics, good sound quality and high resolution multimedia help in making this smartphone an alluring gadget. However, it suffers from weak battery life. The Oppo A5S runs on four giga ram therefore all the performance levels can be accessed easily.

With the advanced picture editing tools, the advanced functions of the Oppo A5S are really impressive. You can edit your images easily like in portrait mode, landscape mode etc. You can also edit video files like mpeg and flv.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the Oppo A5S offers you other useful features too. It comes with expandable memory up to 2GB. Also comes with GSM connectivity with SIM card support in Europe, United States, Canada and Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. There is a radio notification with customizable ringtone customizable for each user. It is the first mobiles to adopt Qi technology for power consumption and temperature control.

The Oppo A5S features all the technologies that you can expect from the top end smartphones of this class. If you are planning to buy this smartphone then you should know about its price and unlocked version. The cost of this device depends on the RAM and the CPU. If you want to save money then you should go for the unlocked version of the Oppo A5S. There is no direct competition in the shape of the Oppo A5S but still it has managed to build a high quality product which serves as perfect cell phone for the masses.