Online Poker is a Ponzi joker388 Scheme? The definitive answer

Is online poker rigged? The question “Is online poker rigged?” is a common topic on forums, blogs, and other discussions about poker, especially since so many people have experienced almost unbelievable bad beats, and suckouts. There must be a reason for the number of bad beats that one sees in online poker.

It is possible to explain it. While some might say it’s poker or that they were bad players, the truth is that it has nothing do with other players. Online poker is notorious for its high number of bad beats, suckouts, and poor poker software.

The truth is that online poker is not rigged. It isn’t rigged, however. The algorithms used by poker sites make it rigged. This means that fair play, statistical chances, and a true to life outcome are not possible in the program.

These algorithms will decide the outcome of winning hands, and force some players to win while others lose, even if they have the best hand on the turn or preflop. All major poker sites use subroutines and algorithms to create problems with overwhelming bad beats and suckers. This is done to incite action and make the game seem more real.

This may sound confusing but it is joker388 pulsa how poker sites are designed to generate winning hands. Knowing the algorithm is key to winning online poker sites. You can then use that algorithm to your advantage to increase your chances of winning.

Internet poker sites are simply a computer-generated program. Anyone can manipulate that program by knowing the code of subroutines or algorithms. Online poker is not a live game. There is no interaction with the deal, shuffle or the outcome of the cards. Therefore, the question, “Is online poker rigged?” must be answered YES.

What can you do to stop the suckouts and bad beats in online poker? The code is here! Paul Westin reveals all the algorithmic codes used online by major poker sites and shows you how to use it to your advantage