Toto Basic Betting Rules

In football, a Toto of 2.5 goals is mainly found in the line. This is because the average of the goals scored in the most popular team game in the world is very close to this figure. True, there are championships that are more productive, where there are usually more goals. They love the attacking style of play in some Scandinavian countries, score a lot on the Asian continent. It is also believed that junior and youth games often end with a large number of goals scored.

But there are also tournaments where teams do not please the audience with a bright game. In France, Portugal, Greece, Argentina “festival” clubs are very rare. 

Toto betting in tennis 

In tennis, it is possible to bet on the number of games and the number of sets. There are few options when betting on the number of sets. Most competitions are played in a maximum of three sets, so there can be only one choice – more or less than 2.5 games. Only in Grand Slam tournaments, where all five sets may be needed to win, is it more interesting to bet on Totos.

Betting on 메이저놀이터 has become very popular. There is already a large field for thought for tennis fans. The average value of this number for men is 22.5 games, for women, it is slightly less than 20.5-21.5. This is due to the fact that girls have weaker feeds, respectively, breaks are more common. The guys are more dependent on a strong kick into the game and it becomes more difficult to take the opponent’s serve. 

Asian Toto betting 

For more experienced cappers, bets on Asian Toto are also interesting, when the number is a multiple of 0.25. Here I will give a small example of the calculation for different results of the fight. The coefficient for “Toto over” is 1.90. Winning 90 ye in an effective game and a Toto of more than 3 goals. The winning is 45ue if the teams scored 3 goals for two. A loss will occur if there are fewer than 3 goals in the match.